Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Ready to pop the question? Make the most important gesture of your life with a ring from the stunning range of 18ct yellow gold engagement rings at Aspire Diamonds. We ensure all our diamond rings are customisable by metal, cut, carat and clarity meaning you can pick the perfect ring to start the next chapter of your lives together.

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Showing 1-16 of 580



Yellow Gold is a great choice for an engagement ring due to its durability and classic beauty. It has a high concentration of copper, which not only gives it its colour but also makes it very durable. The colour gives it a beautifully vintage look, so it appeals to those looking for a traditional styled ring.

Yellow Gold has been a popular choice for decades due to its durability and regal appearance, it remains very popular today as a choice for both engagement rings and wedding rings. It is the perfect shade of colour to not draw too much attention whilst also complimenting your chosen stone.

A yellow gold engagement ring does not require rhodium plating like platinum and is softer than a white gold engagement ring, so if your ring becomes damaged or needs resizing due to your fingers naturally changing size, you can rest assured your ring is easy to repair.

To keep gold engagement rings including yellow gold clean, it is recommended that you avoid showering with them on and keep them away from harmful chemicals such as bleach. Ideally you should also be cleaning your ring monthly and taking it to a jewellers for a professional clean annually. Enquire here about our cleaning services, more information can be found in the ‘Returns & Aftercare’ section of our FAQs.

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