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Pear Cut Diamond Rings

Make a statement of uniqueness and grace with our Pear-shaped Diamond Rings. The pear shape, a combination of a rounded and pointed end, is a symbol of individuality and refined elegance. Our collection features a range of pear-shaped diamond rings, from classic solitaires to more elaborate halo designs. Each ring is crafted with precision to enhance the beauty and sparkle of the pear-shaped diamond. Explore the distinctive allure of pear-shaped diamond rings at Aspire Diamonds, where every piece tells a story as unique as your love.

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Showing 1-16 of 18



A pear cut diamond ring, also known as a teardrop diamond ring, is a ring that features an elongated diamond with a point at one end - in a teardrop shape.

Due to the shape, a lot of wearers see the shape as literally representing teardrops - albeit happy tears. However, due to the uniqueness of the shape some wearers attribute independence and a strong will to them.

The eye-catching shape of the teardrop diamond ring makes them the perfect choice for those who want to dazzle their partner. Their elongated shape gives you on average 8% more surface area than round diamonds, for a fraction of the price.

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