Pear Engagement Rings

Ask the love of your life to be with you forever with a stunning Pear engagement ring from Aspire Diamonds. To ensure you find the perfect ring, all our engagement rings are customisable by metal, cut, carat and clarity. Shaped like a teardrop, a pear shaped engagement ring is delicate and intricate but cut to provide the wearer with unparalleled sparkle. This breath-taking design is best for those who value simple elegance. Choose your engagement ring online or at our Jewellery Quarter store available 0% interest free.

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Pear Engagement Rings, also known as tear drop engagement rings, feature a centre diamond in the shape of a pear with rounded edges that taper to meet in a point at one end. The elongated and faceted shape is cut to show off its elegance from all angles.

Round-cut diamond engagement rings are generally the most popular of shapes, meaning that fancy-cuts such as pear engagement rings are more unique and less traditional. A more seldom seen shape will mean these rings will stand out more, which is something to take into account. Due to their popularity they are available in many different metal options for you to choose such as a white gold or rose gold pear shaped engagement ring.

There is no “right” way and the choice given by the shape just adds to the versatility of pear shaped diamond engagement rings. Due to the tapered shape of pear engagement rings, the position you wear them in can dramatically change the look of the ring on your finger.

Pear engagement rings are often said to represent happy tears due to their tear drop shape, however the meaning of a ring is always deeply personal to the wearer, with fancy-cut diamonds like this being very popular to convey a personal meaning.

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