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Cushion Engagement Rings

Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of cushion-cut engagement rings. Known for their romantic and vintage-inspired appearance, cushion-cut diamonds are a perfect choice for those who appreciate classic elegance with a touch of glamour. Our collection showcases a range of cushion-cut engagement rings, from solitaires to halo designs. Each ring is a masterpiece of design, capturing the essence of enduring love. Explore the allure of cushion-cut diamonds at Aspire Diamonds, where your perfect symbol of love awaits more

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Showing 1-16 of 18



Cushion Cut Engagement Rings are engagement rings that showcase a diamond that has rounded corners instead of sharper edges, these rounded corners are where they get their name as they resemble a pillow. Cushion Cut diamonds feature perfectly cut square and rectangle cuts, which give versatility to its style as it can be paired with many different details.

As Cushion rings are fancy-cut diamonds they are generally less expensive than round-cut diamonds as less of the rough diamond is discarded in production.

Something to take into consideration when choosing between a Cushion Engagement Ring and a Princess Cut Engagement Ring is that cushion rings feature rounded corners, whereas a princess cut ring features sharper corners cut to 90 degree angles, these subtle differences can have a dramatic effect.

All of Aspires’ Cushion Cut Engagement Rings are fully customizable so that you can give your partner the ring of their dreams. Metal options include 18ct White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum.

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