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Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Embrace ethical elegance with our Lab-Grown Diamond Rings collection. Each ring in our lab-grown diamond collection features a stunning, conflict-free diamond, crafted with precision and care. Showcasing a range of designs, from classic to modern, our lab-grown diamond rings offer both sophistication and environmental consciousness. Explore the ethical and exquisite lab-grown diamond collection at Aspire Diamonds and find a ring that resonates with your values while symbolising your everlasting love.

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Showing 1-16 of 498



A lab grown diamond ring is a ring that features a diamond that has been artificially created in a lab. Fear not however, lab grown diamonds are indistinguishable from naturally mined diamonds down to the molecular level. Lab grown diamonds feature the exact same strength, fire and brilliance of diamonds found in natural settings.

Lab grown diamonds are generally 30% cheaper than natural diamonds as the production process is much easier and quicker than mining natural diamonds. Due to the ease of their production, supply is much more plentiful than natural diamonds which some experts predict will lower their resale value over time.

Whilst the metal in your lab grown diamond ring may become dented with everyday wear and tear, a lab grown diamond features the exact same hardness as a naturally mined diamond, meaning that lab grown diamonds do indeed last forever.

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