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Diamond earrings make a wonderful gift and come in a range of different style. Choose from the Classic studs which can be worn day to day to some more elaborate drop designs for more of a statement.

Earrings Guide


Classic diamond studs are most traditionally Round diamonds in a four or six claw setting however they are now available in all diamond shapes and can be matched to the engagement ring shape for a nice touch. Consider the diamond size, for example are they for everyday wear or would larger stones be preferable for a more evening look?


Halo diamond earrings have a row of small diamonds around the main diamond, this adds some sparkle to the design and will make the overall appearance larger. A halo design is a bit more modern and unusual than the classic studs.


Drop earrings add a lot of sparkle for a special occasion or evening look, they add a bit of movement which will allow the diamonds to catch the light a sparkle more. Drops come in lots of shapes and sizes depending on how much of a statement you wish to make!


Cluster earrings will give a diamond encrusted appearance, these often combine different diamond shapes, so the overall effect can be very different. Clusters are usually great values since they are made up of lots of smaller diamonds all set together.


Hoop earrings can range from designs which are snug to the ear and suitable for wearing everyday due to their fixed clasp, to larger multi row hoops which will be much larger and more sparkly. Hoop earrings also move and catch the light in a way which studs cannot.

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