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Diamond Rings

On the quest for the perfect diamond ring? Explore our extensive collection, available in our Birmingham showroom and online. A stunning diamond ring adds elegance and timelessness to any occasion, making your special moments unforgettable. Whether its to celebrate love, mark an anniversary, or propose, a diamond ring symbolizes enduring commitment. Experience the beauty and craftsmanship in our Birmingham showroom

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Showing 1-16 of 1136



When browsing diamond jewellery, the price can vary due to a number of factors, mainly down to diamond properties and the amount of diamonds present in the piece. When choosing between diamond rings, you should consider the 4 C’s - colour, cut, clarity and carat. It’s important to consider that the band is also a big part of the ring and the different metal options can have an effect on the price and the overall appearance of the ring.

Diamonds are given on a number of occasions or just for topping off an outfit with elegance. There are many styles of diamond rings that are perfect to be used as an engagement ring or a wedding ring for women, whilst mens diamond rings are typically worn for fashion. Diamonds adorn many styles of eternity rings and are very often chosen to mark a special anniversary.

There are many popular styles available, with many different cuts of diamond and metal types to choose from. Choose between natural or lab grown diamond rings, both of which are identical in composition but due to the production costs of natural diamonds they tend to cost quite a bit more. Our range of cuts span from the classic brilliant round cut diamond, to fancy cuts such as princess, pear and cushion. When it comes to metal options, Aspires collection features 18ct White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.

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