Deciding to the ask the love of your life to marry you is a monumental decision. Coming to this decision is not only a difficult process in itself, but it can also come with its pressures. What should you say? Will they say yes? And of course, how should you choose the engagement ring? That’s where Aspire Diamonds can help. From finding out her ring size to adhering to your budget, our detailed guide has you covered.

Choosing an engagement ring

Ring size

If you don’t already know it, finding out your partner’s ring size can be a difficult task – and is likely to be one of the most important factors to consider. However, there are some ways to find out secretly, and without rousing suspicion: 

  • Ask friends or family – loved ones may have bought a ring for her over the years, or may be able to stealthily take a look at one of the rings she is wearing.
  • Sneak a peek at her existing rings – if she owns rings which are from established brands, it’s likely that this will have the ring size written somewhere on the ring circumference. 
  • Can it be altered? – if you’re not sure on the ring size, but still want to purchase the ring anyway as a surprise, ensure that the ring can be easily resized. Remember, buying a ring that is too big is much easier to alter than a ring that is too small.


Arguably one of the most important considerations; how much should you spend on an engagement ring? Traditionally, the cost of an engagement ring should be equal to three months’ worth of your salary. Obviously, these days this doesn’t always have to be the case. There are options for lower budget styles, and with finance available we can help you if you have more expensive tastes! The most important factor in choosing a ring should be whether you feel it suits its’ intended recipient. The cut and style of ring you choose will obviously affect how much they cost, and we can help you find the best value for money example within the style you choose.

Ring shape

Usually, ring shape comes down to personal preference – but with so many ring shapes to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Should you choose a classic round-brilliant cut? Or go for something more unique, such as an Asscher cut? Here at Aspire Diamonds, our range of ring shapes includes:

Ring Style

Ring style is often determined by the wearer’s personal preference – for example, if your partner has an eye for vintage style jewellery, she may prefer vintage engagement rings to classic solitaire. Here at Aspire Diamonds, we supply a wide range of ring shapes, including:

Ring Metal

Deciding on which metal to choose for an engagement ring is also an important consideration. For example, platinum and white gold metal are the most popular choices for modern engagement rings, whereas yellow gold is a traditional choice – creating a timeless piece of jewellery. You can also choose from:

The Four C’s of Diamond Buying

  • Carat – potentially the most important factor – the weight of the diamond. This is measured by carat, for example, 1 carat is equal to 0.2gm. On average, the weight of engagement rings is typically around 1 to 1.5 carats.
  • Cut – diamond cut is also another important factor to consider. The cut can alter that desirable sparkle that is the epitome of engagement rings if it’s cut incorrectly – as how the diamond is cut determines the character of the stone. 
  • Clarity – clarity refers to the inclusions (or ‘imperfections’) on the stone. Often, people can become fixated on diamonds that don’t include any imperfections when, in actual fact, they are typically invisible to the naked eye – so shouldn’t be seen as a fault.
  • Colour – if a diamond is colourless (also known as ‘white’), this is deemed as the most valuable colour. This rare colour is graded the highest by jewellers on the scale, graded at Grade D. The scale moves all the way down to Z, and between D and Z lies a variety of diamonds displaying subtle coloured tones. 

However, the most important piece of advice that we can give you is to buy her a ring that she wants. It’s likely she’ll have opinions on the type of ring that she wants – as she’ll be wearing this everyday for the rest of her life. So, make sure you listen to her if she drops hints, take note of her existing jewellery style and call on friends and family to help if you’re unsure. Now you have a better idea about how to buy an engagement ring, browse our selection of beautiful engagement rings online. Alternatively, visit us in store in our Jewellery Quarter store to view our engagement rings in person.