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Wedding Ring Setting

Diamond set rings are chosen by the width and the setting style, if you have a diamond set engagement ring then you may want to match the setting style and width to the shoulders of the engagement ring. Alternatively, you may prefer to choose a different style to accentuate the two individual rings.

If you have a solitaire or an engagement ring with plain polished shoulders then you can choose any style you would like to compliment your existing ring.

Diamond set wedding rings are normally half set or 60% set to make them practical for everyday wear, the diamonds in a full set ring on the underside of the band are more susceptible to wear and tear. A full diamond set band cannot be re-sized at a later date if required.

Diamomnd Set Guide

Channel Set

Channel setting is the most secure way of setting diamonds into a wedding ring because the entire edge of the band is covering the sides of the diamond. It also makes the diamonds a bit more subtly since they are set low into the ring which makes it perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to the ring.

You can increase the width of the design so that the diamonds will be larger to fill the band or you can choose a design where the metal widens but the row of diamonds stays the same width.

Pave Set

Pave or grain setting is where small beads of metal are used to hold the diamonds in the band, this can be vintage in appearance especially if the design has a beaded edge.

This setting style also allows you to set multiple rows of diamonds to create an encrusted look so little metal can be seen.

Prong Set

Prong set ring have diamonds set onto of the band with each diamond being held by claws this allows the sides of the diamonds to be visible which makes them very sparkly.

As you increase the width of a prong set band the diamond size will increase.

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