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Wedding Ring Metal

A good start is to consider whether you would prefer a plain band or a finish or perhaps a diamond set ring. A wedding ring traditionally is worn every single day even though you cannot necessarily always wear the engagement ring, at work for example. This means that a wedding ring should suit your everyday life, think about whether you need it to very practical or if something more decorative will be suitable.

For the this may mean a comfortable shape ring and a hard-wearing metal or a plain wed versus a diamond set band. If you have smaller fingers think how the width of your wedding ring will sit on your finger, if you are wearing an engagement ring as well will you need a slimmer wedding band?

When choosing a ring to sit with an existing engagement ring consider whether a straight band will sit flush with your ring or whether a shaped band will be needed if you would prefer no gap between the two rings.

It is also possible to choose matching wedding ring profiles in different widths or metals to keep some similarity between the two rings.

We also offer the option to engrave on the inside of the rings, something a lot of couples now do to add a personalised touch, this can be added at the checkout.

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