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Plain Wedding Band

Plain wedding rings are available in a variety of profiles, choosing your preference will depend if you are matching the band to another ring so you would need to choose the most similar shape. If not then you can choose based on the appearance of the band shape and the comfort.

The width for the ladies on average is 2mm-3mm and for the gents is 5mm-6mm, this will depend a little on your finger size though and personal preference as there are a wide range of width options. The ladies plain wedding ring is often a fraction larger than the width of the engagement ring to ensure it still stands out as a ring however this is not always the case, some people would rather an exact match.

Choosing the wedding ring weight depends if you would prefer something light that doesn’t feel too obvious to wear or something heavy that you can really feel on your hand. As you increase from light weight to medium weight to heavy then depth of the ring increases.

The ladies band will be a case of matching a style to the engagement ring, that may mean an exact like for like style or something complimentary that doesn’t over power the existing ring but suits well.

A solitaire engagement ring can be easily worn with a plain band of matching profile (the shape of the band) or with something diamond set or with a finish (a pattern applied to the plain band). Engagement rings with diamonds in the shoulders or halo are often matched with the same style diamond setting as the engagement ring.

The Gents wedding rings begin with choosing profile, usually by selecting the most comfortable preferred shape. The deciding whether you prefer a plain polished band or with a finish added on to the design.

Plain Wedding Ring Guide

Traditional Court Shape

Court shaped wedding rings have a gentle curve on the inside and the outside of the ring, this is a very traditional wedding band shape and is considered very comfortable due to the curve inside the ring.

Slight Court

The slight court is similar to a traditional court shape with the curved inside and outer band profile but with less of a curve to it.


The D-shaped wedding bands are also a very traditional wedding band profile. They are shaped like a "D" with the inside of the ring completely flat but with a curved outer shape. The Curve becomes more pronounced as you increase the weight of the band.

Engagement Match Court

This profile is a similar shape to most engagement rings, it is a little flatter on the top with curved edges.

Flat Court

The flat court is the reverse of the D shaped band, it has a curved inside with makes it comfortable but is completely flat on the outside of the ring.


The flat profile is completely flat on the inside and outside of the band with flat sides as well.


The finishes are a range of patterns which can be applied to the plain wedding rings for those who want to go for something a bit different.

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