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What is Palladium

Palladium is a naturally white metal similar in appearance to platinum. Palladium has similar properties to platinum but has more alloy mixed with it making it lighter than platinum.

About Palladium

Palladium is a metal in the Platinum family meaning it shares a lot of the same chemical properties as Platinum. It is a naturally white metal which when viewed next to Platinum would appearance the same. One of the main differences is the weight, Palladium is a less dense metal so it considerably lighter in weight than Platinum.

Palladium used for jewellery making is usually Hallmarked 950 meaning it is 95% pure and 5% alloy. It is a harder wearing metal than gold so does not need more alloy content to add strength.

Caring for Palladium

To care for your Palladium jewellery, we recommend storing it in your box or a soft cloth bag when you are not wearing it. We advise against wearing your jewellery when doing manual activities for example gardening, washing dishes, using the gym etc since there is more potential for damage. We advise avoiding chemicals whilst wearing your jewellery etc hand creams, antibac gel, sun creams, cleaning products.

To clean around the diamond setting we advise only luke warm water and a very soft brush. You can always pop to our shop if you would like us to clean the diamond settings for you, this process takes about 5 mins and is complimentary. If you would like the metal polished up as well then this will take approx. 1 week and costs £25.

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