Jewellery Care

All fine jewellery is subject to daily wear and tear especially rings since we use our hands constantly during our day to day activities. If you have any concerns about how to care for your jewellery don't hesitate to contact us for advice.


Jewellery Care Guide

Daily Wear

We recommend removing your jewellery when applying any hand creams, suncreams, soaps etc this will build up under the settings of the diamonds and dull the sparkle of the stones over time. This is also important if your jewellery is white gold as it may cause the rhodium plating to wear away quicker. Day to day damage is often caused by thinks such as wearing the jewellery in bed, grabbing metal door handles, and catching claws on clothing, this can cause scratches to the metal or loosen the setting around the diamond. Whilst these things cannot always be avoided it is always good to be aware.


We advise not wearing your jewellery during manual activities such as gardening and when participating in sports which may cause damage to your jewellery. Activities which may allow dirt to get into the jewellery may impact the integrity of the settings and cause the metal to become scratched. Diamonds are extremely hard as a substance but when they have been cut and faceted they can easily be subject to chips if impacted. If you intend to go swimming, we suggest removing your jewellery as the chemicals may affect the metal and the water may cause your fingers to shrink slightly causing your rings to become loose.

Storing your jewellery

To keep your jewellery safe when you are not wearing it we suggest storing it in its original box or a soft cloth bag. If you have a safe at home this would be ideal to store your items securely. If you need to transport your jewellery try to keep them individually wrapped to avoid tangling or scratching the pieces.

Insure your jewellery

Always keep your valuables insured to cover yourself against theft, damage, and loss. This can be cover from a specific jewellery insurance company or covered on your house or contents insurance, always double check what is covered though as not all companies will cover for accidental damage for example. We will provide you with an Insurance Valuation along with you purchase so you can provide a copy to your chosen insurer. We also recommend a specialist jewellery insurance company should you prefer this option.

Cleaning and polishing

We always recommend bringing your jewellery in to us for cleaning and polishing ideally once a year. This will allow us to remove any dirt from under the diamond settings, polish up the metal and check the settings around your diamonds to ensure they are all still tight. This service costs £25 and will take approx. a week. We require you to bring your receipt in with you to arrange a clean and a polish. If you would prefer to post the item to us, then be sure to include a copy of your receipt in the parcel and a cover note explaining that you would like to use this service. We advise using Royal mail special delivery and to ensure your items are all tracked and insured during transit.

Accidental Damage

If you think you have damaged your jewellery get in touch with us so that we can provide you with the best advice. It is always best to rectify any problems as soon as you notice them, if possible return the item to us so that we can arrange for an accurate quote to repair from our workshop.

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