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The Hallmark is the stamp on the inside of the metal confirming it's purity. All precious metals sold in the UK require a Hallmark, our jewellery is Hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office whose logo is an anchor.

Your jewellery will have three stamps, a makers mark to show who made the piece, a metal purity mark (for example 18ct gold is 750) and the mark of the Assay Office that stamped it.


The short answer to this is no. All hallmarking is done independently. This then means that the consumer can feel at complete ease when buying an item of jewellery from us.

The earliest record of a hallmark was in 1300 and appears to be one of the earliest forms of consumer protection.

Your hallmark will have the company stamp (who it was made by) the metal stamp (for platinum 950) and also the symbol stamp for the assay office where it was hallmarked. (In our case this would be anchor which represents the Birmingham Assay Office)

Feel free to visit the Birmingham Assay office website:

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