Engagement Ring Styles

When finding your perfect ring you will need to consider the personality of the person you are buying for, will they want something super sparkly or something understated. Will they need something practical that they can wear every day or will they not be able to wear a ring to work?

A solitaire style ring features a single diamond set on a plain band, these typically have four or six claws. A round diamond in a four claw setting will look slightly squarer but will show off a lot of the diamond whereas a six claw setting will appear rounder. Solitaire rings are extremely popular for their simplicity in highlighting the center diamond. Solitaires are available in a range of designs from something very classic to some detailing underneath the setting.

Shoulderset rings have diamonds added into the band (into the shoulders) these diamonds can be set in different ways to give a different overall appearance to the band.

Channel Set

Rings with channel set shoulders have small diamonds set into the metal (in a channel). The diamonds are held in place by the entire edge of the channel covering each side of the diamonds. This setting allows the diamonds to sit flush with the band of the ring making it very secure and practical. It is also a subtle way of adding some extra sparkle to the ring.

Pave set

Pave set rings allow lots of diamonds to be set close together so the overall appearance of the band seems to be diamonds. Each small stone is set with grains of metal so the maximum amount of diamond can be seen. Pave set mounts can have a single row of diamonds or multiple rows across the band. This setting gives a diamond encrusted appearance.

Prong set

Rings with prong set shoulders have the sides of the band cut away to show off the sides of the diamonds with prongs of metal holding the stones. This setting usually has larger diamonds than in a pave style but still gives the appearance of a solid diamond band. This setting gives the maximum sparkle in the shoulders of the ring.

A halo style ring has a ring of diamonds set round the center diamond, this can be a single halo (one row) or a double halo (two rows). Having a halo design accentuates the appearance of the size of your center diamond. This style often has diamonds set into the shoulders of the band as well but not always.

Trilogy engagement rings feature three larger diamonds, traditionally representing the past, the present and the future. These diamonds can be all three the same size of show off one larger center stone. The can also be different shaped diamonds, very popular is pear or baguette shaped diamonds on the sides because of the way they taper into the band.

Vintage style rings are usually ornate and decorative, beading on the edges of the band is very popular as it gives the ring a delicate feel. These designs take inspirations from jewellery trends throughout history so tend to be more unusual in design. Pave setting is often used in vintage designs because of the encrusted appearance it gives.

Bridal sets consist of a matching wedding ring and engagement ring purchased at the same time. Traditional an engagement ring is brought initially then a wedding ring is purchased at a later date, however if the design is particular intricate then it can be tricky finding a wed to match. Buying a bridal set makes sure you have the perfect complimenting set.

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