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Engagement Setting Styles

When finding your perfect ring you will need to consider the personality of the person you are buying for, will they want something super sparkly or something understated. Will they need something practical that they can wear every day or will they not be able to wear a ring to work?

Setting Style Guide


The most traditional style of setting is a claw/prong setting, this style allows the maximum amount of light to shine through the stone increasing its sparkle.

Prong settings are most often in a four or six claw style, four claws will show off the most of the diamond but will give a round diamond a slightly square appearance whereas a six claw will look rounder.


A compass set ring has the claws mounted at north south east west points on the band, this can be in a twisted design or with traditional straight claws.

Compass set claws give the diamond a very different appearance more like a ‘diamond’ shape often looking more modern. A twisted design can allow the claws to appear to flow from the band of the ring so looks very organic.


Bezel or rubover setting style is a strip of metal encasing the diamond all around the edge. It is contemporary in appearance and emphasises the shape of the center stone.

Bezel setting is the most secure way of setting a diamond but less of the stone is visible as the bezel covers the whole outer of the stone. Half bezel settings are also popular since these styles allow light to shine through the sides of the setting.

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