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Diamond Ring Shapes

When finding your perfect ring you will need to consider the personality of the person you are buying for, will they want something super sparkly or something understated. Will they need something practical that they can wear every day or will they not be able to wear a ring to work?

Diamonds come in a range of shapes and cuts. Each of these diamond shapes provide a different overall appearance, so it’s important to take some time to compare these, as it may unearth a favourite ring shape which you had not previously heard of. From heart shaped diamonds to pear cut rings, discover more about diamond ring shapes below:

Diamond Shape Guide

Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are the most popular shape. These are cut to maximise the reflection of light through the diamond. Cut with 58 facets, the round diamond has been optimised over the years to provide the maximum amount of light - giving it a fantastic fire and sparkle.


Heart shaped diamonds are cut with the brilliance of a round diamond yet striking in appearance -and by far the most romantic shape. The heart shape will be clearer in larger carat weights so that when set, the prongs do not alter the appearance of the shape.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds have a completely different sparkle to most other diamond shapes - they have a mirror like sparkle, often associated with the 20s. The Emerald cut takes its name from the gemstone since this step-cut style was originally only used on gemstones. This type of cut was popular for showing off the high quality your diamond since inclusions are easily spotted in this type of cut.

Asscher Cut

Asscher cut diamonds are step cut like emerald cut diamonds are, but they are designed in more of a square shape. This means they have cut corners so can appear octagon shaped from a distance. This is an unusual style of diamond cut which has a mirror like sparkle. As with emerald cuts inclusions can easily be seen - so it is important to buy as high a clarity as possible.

Marquise Cut

Marquise cut diamonds also known as navette (old French for little ship) are faceted like a round brilliant but elongated to create a 'boat' like shape which will really maximise your carat weight. The marquise cut produces an elegant alternative to more traditional diamond shapes, emphasising length of slender fingers. Legend tells that the marquise cut was named for Marquise de Pompadour by King Louis XV because it famouslyresembled her smile.

Radiant Cut

The Radiant cut is similar in shape to an emerald cut diamond, but it has been faceted like a brilliant. Perfect for those who prefer the rectangular or square shape of the emerald cut, but would also prefer a sparkle like a round brilliant. The radiant is an unusual cut created to show the beauty of each diamond shape in a striking new way.

Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds are faceted like a round brilliant cut but elongated slightly - which maximises your carat weight in the same way a marquise cut does. This is perfect for those who would an impressive size stone for the carat with maximum brilliance.

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut diamond is reminiscent of the old Mine cut of the 19th and 20th century. The mine cut featured larger facets and soft, rounded corners. Cushion cut diamonds have a different sparkle to a round brilliant cut - but are cut to disperse the light creating flashes of spectral colour. Cushion cut diamonds are a popular choice for fancy colours due to the way they hold the colour and reflect the light.

Princess Cut

The Princess Cut diamond has become increasingly popular over recent years due to its modern square shape. Faceted with either 57 or 76 facets, this shape is known for its brilliance. If you are looking for something slightly different but with a fantastic sparkle, then a Princess cut is the perfect choice.

Pear Cut

Pear cut or tear shape diamonds combine the traits of a round brilliant cut and a marquise cut, creating an elegant shape with fantastic sparkle. Pear cut diamonds can increase in width or length as the carat weight increases. As well as being popular in engagement rings, pear cuts also make very beautiful drop pendants and earrings

Found the perfect diamond ring shape for you? Browse our full selection of engagement rings online now to find your favourite.

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