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Diamond Colour

Do you think you’ve found your perfect diamond ring but not sure what the colour grade means? We are here to help you. A common misconception when it comes to diamond colour grading is believing that the grading refers to the colour – so the highest grading is the most coloured. This is not true, in fact, the colour grading is referring to the lack of colour in the diamond. The colour grading scale goes from D to Z with Z being the lowest and D Being the highest. This means that K colour diamond is going to be light yellow while a D colour will be colourless or white. At Aspire Diamonds, we sell a minimum of H colour diamonds up to a D colour. If you are looking for a fancy coloured diamond such as a blue, yellow, pink or green diamond, we can source these.

Which Diamond Colour is Right For You?

Choosing the right diamond for your engagement ring or any other piece of diamond jewellery is imperative. Your piece will likely be worn for years to come so you want to make sure it looks perfect. If you want a diamond that is near colourless, we recommend D-F, to the untrained all three grades of these diamonds look colourless. While they're expensive, they are more than worth it. A D to F diamond sparkles like no other – it is clear right through; a gorgeous colourless diamond. A D graded diamond is perfect, but can be more pricey.

If you find the D-F range too dear, then a G colour diamond might be the right choice for you. In the trade, G coloured diamonds are known as commercial quality with the majority of the multi stone jewellery found in retail shops being this colour. While a G graded diamond is not as colourless as their counterparts and slightly yellow, these stones are still a beautiful white diamond colour that is certain to get compliments. A G coloured stone is affordable while offering you a stunning piece.

Finally, consider what you want your overall ring to look like. If your ring is going to be set in yellow gold, a slightly lower colour graded ring will be suitable as the yellow of the gold will make the slight colour of yellow diamonds less noticeable. If you are looking for diamond set in white gold or platinum, you may need to purchase a higher colour grade diamond so the stone looks clearer.

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Want to understand more about diamond colour? Contact us or come and visit us at our Jewellery Quarter store and one of our diamond experts will be happy to take you through the different grades of diamonds. If you are looking for more information on diamond grading, check out our 4Cs learning page with more information on diamond clarity, carat and cut.

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