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What is Diamond Certification?

A diamond Certification is your confirmation of the specifications of your diamond. This means that the diamond has been sent to an independent laboratory and evaluated by a team of specialist gemmologists to determine the characteristics of each individual stone.

A diamond certification is important to verify the item you are buying is genuine. This will also be used by your insurance company to confirm the details of your purchase along with an Insurance Valuation (we provide this complimentary with your purchase).

There are a wide range of Certification Laboratories available to choose from depending on the amount of detail you would like. The most widely known is the GIA in part because they invented the diamond grading scale which is now used throughout the industry. Established in 1931 the GIA now laser inscribe the majority of their diamonds therefore using magnification you are able to read you certificate number off your diamonds for added security.

When deciding what certification to choose, think about what aspects are important to you, a GIA certification will carry a premium because it is the leading authority in diamond grading but will also give you a broad spectrum of information about your particular diamond. GIA diamonds also hold value well so are a perfect choice for those looking for an investment piece since they are highly regarded throughout the industry.

If you would like to get the most value for your purchase then consider a different certification such as AGI or GIE, this will allow you the peace of mind you need whilst also providing confirmation for your insurance company. For a lot of people having a diamond certificate is important but the overall appearance of the diamond is more important as this is what they will be looking at everyday.

Sample Certificate

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