Diamond Carat

When finding your perfect ring you will need to consider the personality of the person you are buying for, will they want something super sparkly or something understated. Will they need something practical that they can wear every day or will they not be able to wear a ring to work?

What does diamond carat mean?

All diamonds are weighed in metric carats. These carats are divided up in a similar way to a British pound, for example, in every pound there is one hundred pence. This means that a 0.75pt diamond will be a 0.75ct, which is 0.75pt out of one carat. The common misconception with carat is that this refers to the actual physical size of the diamond, however, it actually just refers to the weight of the diamond when it is on the scales.

The physical size is determined by other factors from the 4c's – cut, clarity and colour. When diamonds are weighed, it is usually done to the most accurate hundred thousandth. The reason for this is that because merely a point either way can alter the cost.

How do I know which carat weight is for me?

We always suggest trying different carat weights on to see which is the best for you. Many of our customers have started of looking at a 0.40ct diamond and ended up leaving with a much bigger diamond - mainly due to the bigger size sitting much better on their finger.

If you are ever in doubt about carat weight, please feel free to contact us and one of our diamond experts will explain this to you in more detail.

Diamond Carat Scale

Below shows a scale of 0.25ct. to 5.00ct. – gaging the various size differences in diamond carats:

  • 0.25ct.
  • 0.50ct.
  • 0.75ct.
  • 1.00ct.
  • 1.5ct.
  • 2.00ct.
  • 2.50ct.
  • 3.00ct.
  • 4.00ct.
  • 5.00ct.

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For more information on diamond carat, or to see a diamond weight chart in person, visit us in store at our Jewellery Quarter shop. Alternatively, browse our selection of diamond rings now to find the perfect choice for you.

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