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Eternity rings, also known as infinity rings, are given by loved ones to commemorate and celebrate their eternal and never-ending love. Traditionally, starting back in Ancient Egypt, eternity or ‘ouroboros’ rings were given from a husband to a wife as a token of their undying loving. This built a lasting concept as one of the most romantic gestures and pieces of a jewellery a partner can gift to another. So, what is an eternity ring, what does it mean and when do you give one to your partner

What is an eternity ring?

Eternity rings can hold as much value and meaning to a relationship as an engagement or wedding ring, as it symbolises the promise of love and eternal commitment. Traditionally, the ring is made up of a band of precious metal (platinum, yellow gold, white gold or silver) which includes most commonly diamonds. However, this can also include gemstones such as rubies or emeralds.

There are two main types of eternity rings to choose from:

  • Full Eternity Ring: this type of eternity or infinity ring will include diamonds or gemstones set around the whole band and is a more popular choice due to it being more aesthetically pleasing, however it is the more expensive choice.
  • Half Eternity Ring: this choice of eternity ring has half the number of diamonds or gemstones which cover the top half of the ring band. Due to half the number of diamonds, this is usually a more practical, less heavy and more affordable choice of eternity ring. 

What does an eternity ring mean?

Egyptians believed the circle of a ring and the bond between a man and a woman was so strong and powerful that it could not be interrupted by death. Alongside being an eternal symbol of love and commitment, eternity rings also represents the circle of life, which is why they can be sometimes given when a couple welcomes their first child to the world. Due to these multiple meanings, eternity rings are usually given on special occasions.

When do you give an eternity ring?

Traditionally, within a relationship, an eternity ring is gifted after marriage to celebrate a first anniversary or on a special occasion that is worth commemorating and sharing forever. Although, over time, traditions have evolved and the reason behind gifting an eternity ring has changed, yet the intent has always been the same -to celebrate eternity between two people. Traditional jewellery etiquette recommends that precious gemstones should not be given until celebrating 40 years of marriage, which means you would gift your partner with an eternity ring that includes a ruby gemstone. If you wanted to ‘traditionally’ gift your spouse or partner with a diamond eternity ring, you would present this on a 60th anniversary. However, a more modern approach would deem it appropriate to gift a diamond eternity ring much sooner than this – either as the 10th anniversary or first anniversary gift. As a personal tip, we recommend ensuring the eternity ring you choose should match your partner’s existing bridal set.

Where do you wear an eternity ring?

What finger does an eternity ring go on? And which order do you wear engagement and eternity rings? These are both common questions we receive when customers are shopping for eternity rings. Typically, women wear eternity rings therefore, as a woman, you will likely already have an engagement and wedding ring at the point of receiving an eternity ring. The order that you want to wear your eternity ring goes as follows:

Wedding Ring – Engagement Ring – Eternity Ring

An eternity ring should always be placed last, or on top of your engagement ring, on your left hand, on the finger adjacent to your little finger which is also known as the ‘ring finger’.

Can an eternity ring be used as an engagement ring?

Traditionally and quite simply, the answer is no, an eternity ring cannot be used as an engagement ring – however, this is also down to your own personally choice.

Eternity and engagement rings each hold different meanings and representations – therefore they are not commonly used as engagement rings. However, eternity rings are sometimes used as wedding rings due to their more aesthetically pleasing and ‘prettier’ look. 

Not only is the meaning of an eternity and engagement ring different, their make-up is also completely different – as traditional eternity rings feature a row of gemstones on a band whereas, engagement rings stand out more as they include a larger gemstone in the centre. If you are interested in taking the plunge and treating your spouse to one of our beautiful eternity rings, shop our stunning range online or visit Birmingham, Jewellery Quarter shop for more personal assistance. We offer half eternity and full eternity ring options in a variety of metals and shapes, to ensure you can find the perfect ring for your partner.