10 wedding ring superstitions

When planning a wedding, there are so many aspects to consider – for example, you may be already thinking about the venue, catering, music, bridesmaid’s outfits and rings. What might escape your mind is the peculiar superstitions that come with wedding planning. In our guide, we will be delving into the most widely believed superstitions surrounding wedding rings, so you can be sure to avoid these on your special day. 

1. Your wedding ring represents the type of marriage you will have

When buying a wedding ring, it’s hard to imagine that the type of ring you choose would symbolise your fate. For example, it's thought that gold and silver wedding rings represent love, wealth, tranquillity, wisdom and prosperity within a marriage. If you opt for a platinum wedding ring, then that could signify everlasting love, whereas diamond wedding rings represent the certainty and security that comes with a committed relationship – so if you’re into superstitions, it might be worth checking out what your wedding ring says about your marriage before purchasing!

2. Itchy ring finger meaning

If your ring finger tends to itch, then it is believed that you will be engaged soon. So if you’re waiting for that special someone to pop the question, then you could be in for a surprise!

3. Broken wedding ring meaning

If your wedding ring breaks, then is sometimes thought to foreshadow the breaking up of a marriage. To remedy this bout of bad luck, it is believed that the husband should be the one to place the ring back on your finger – symbolising the unity you developed together at your marriage ceremony. 

4. Is it bad luck to try on your wedding ring?

Trying on your wedding ring seems to be a logical thing to do, since you hope to wear it for the rest of your life. However, some superstitions believe that trying on your wedding ring before the ceremony is bad luck. To combat this, it is advised that you try on a different ring and use that size for your wedding band. A bit of a long-winded process if you ask us!

5. Bad wedding rings are too tight or too loose

According to popular belief, your wedding ring should be the perfect fit. If your wedding band is too tight, then this could indicate a strain on the marriage. Whereas, a loose wedding ring is likely to fall off, and signifies that you both are likely to part ways. Learn more about how to ensure you get the correct ring size for you.

6. You should never try on someone else’s wedding ring

Wedding rings are believed to carry spiritual ties. By wearing someone else’s wedding ring, especially one of a broken marriage, you could potentially pre-destine your wedding fate. For instance, if the wedding ring belongs to an unhappy couple, then potentially your marriage could become misreable also. We wonder however, if you try on the ring of a happily married couple would you possibly gain the prospect of a joyous marriage? 

7. Your wedding connects to your heart

Ancient Greeks believed that your left ring finger contained a vein that connected directly to your heart, and that is why most western cultures wear their wedding rings on their left-hand today. Although, there has been minimal biological evidence to back this up, we like to believe this wedding ring superstition is true! 

8. A removed wedding ring can signify infidelity

In some ancient cultures, wedding rings were made of wood and would disintegrate if they were removed. It seems as though removing your wedding ring today is equally as taboo, as it could symbolise infidelity, or something as trivial as an argument between a married couple. However, there are many reasons as to why somebody would temporarily remove their wedding ring, for example, you could be getting your ring cleaned or resized. So this superstition could seem a little far-fetched! 

9. Is it bad luck to drop your wedding rings during a ceremony?

This superstition is a bit of a tricky one! Some believe that wedding rings being dropped during a ceremony is a good purifier, and is the key to removing evil spirits that may affect your marriage. However, others believe that dropping your wedding rings on the day is a very bad omen. 

10. Passed down engagement rings can bring joy or suffering to your marriage

Many people prefer to pass down family heirlooms, such as engagement rings, to their children as a nice sentiment. However, there are even superstitions attached to this practice! It is believed that the engagement ring you inherit could bring joy or sadness to your marriage, depending on the couple’s marriage who owned that engagement ring before you.

Now that you are all clued up on the most commonly wedding ring superstitions, we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you believe them or not. All this wedding ring talk may inspire you to update the style of your wedding ring. Browse through our gorgeous collection of silver, gold and diamond rings today. If you would like to talk to a member of or specialist team, do not hesitate to contact us.