Ultimate guide to bridal jewellery

The wedding dress is perhaps the most central part of any wedding planning – however, the importance of bridal jewellery mustn’t be understated! The right kind of jewellery can really transform your bridal look - our expert guide details key jewellery advice to help you look the most elegant on your special day. 

Wedding Day jewellery

Jewellery to compliment your neckline

With wedding dress jewellery, there is no one size fits all… it is really important to specially select jewellery which perfectly complements the neckline of your wedding dress:

  • Strapless: if your dress is strapless, this is a great opportunity to showcase a beautiful necklace. We recommend the Pear Shaped Double Halo Round cut Cluster Diamond Pendant - this gorgeous design is a perfect complement to any strapless gown. As for the rest of your jewellery, we recommend keeping it plain and simple.
  • High neckline: dresses with high necklines are perhaps not best suited for a necklace, as this can look to exaggerated. We recommend focusing on the earrings instead, for a touch of glamour! The Round Shape Blue Sapphire & Diamond Earrings add the perfect pop of colour to any bridal look.
  • Plunge: if you have opted for a plunge dress, you will most likely want a beautiful necklace which complements the deep neckline. The Oval Solitaire Pendant is a simple piece, that will accompany your plunge dress without distracting from the design of the dress. 
  • Bateau: this wedding dress is known for showing off the collar bones, but ensuring to not draw any attention away from the beautiful design. Instead, you may want to glamourise your look with a stunning bracelet. The Classic 4 Prong Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet is one of our favourites!

Jewellery to complement your hair

In many brides’ eyes, the hairdo will be as equally as important as the dress! To emphasise that sick new-do, some shiny new jewellery will definitely suffice:

  • Elegant updo: if you are having your hair up on your wedding day, a pair of long earrings are the perfect choice. We suggest the Modern Round Diamond Drop Earrings, to add a splash of elegance to any bridal look. 
  • Hair down: for a more casual hairstyle, some simple diamond earrings will complement your hair just nicely.

Jewellery to complement your wedding dress

We have come a long way since white was the standard wedding dress colour – now, you have a plethora of colours to choose from. Here are our recommendations for jewellery to suit your wedding dress colour….

  • For a champagne-coloured dress: you will want to opt for gold jewellery to complement the yellowish tones of your dress. 
  • For an ivory shade: yellow gold specifically is perfect for an ivory dress, as this will bring out the creamy tones in the dress. 
  • White: for a traditional white dress, then you will want opt for platinum or silver jewellery for a truly elegant look. 
  • Blush:  for pink toned dresses, rose-gold jewellery is the perfect complementary addition.

If you are looking for the perfect jewellery for your special day, then why not browse our gorgeous collection? Here, you will find a stunning range suited for every taste or style. Do not hesitate to contact our specialist team for more information.