How much should you spend on a wedding ring?

With a magical proposal fresh in your memory, you might be starting to plan the big day ahead of you. Questions such as ‘how much should I spend on an engagement ring?’ and ‘how do I choose the perfect engagement ring?’ have already been answered, but new questions may have appeared at the forefront, such as ‘how much are wedding rings?’. It’s important to understand all the facts and the history behind wedding rings before you and your loved one decide on the band that you will wear for the rest of your life. 


What Is The Average Cost of Wedding Rings?


Wedding rings are not like engagement rings – an engagement ring tends to have at least one precious stone, set in the centre, with the majority being over £500. The average cost of a wedding ring does not take into account budget or couples’ priorities. For example, some couples may choose to buy a simple, plain wedding ring whereas other couples might look for something slightly more extravagant choosing a full diamond wedding ring. A wedding ring can be budget friendly - in the UK wedding rings can range from anywhere between £100 to £5,000.


How many months’ salary should a wedding ring cost?


Unlike an engagement ring, there is no social convention on how many months’ salary you should spend on a wedding ring. Wedding rings are traditionally a plain metal band and therefore, there is no dictation as to how much you should spend on one. At Aspire Diamonds, our wedding rings start from prices as low as £590.


An engagement ring, however, is a different story. A proposal is the time to really wow your partner with a ring. Traditionally an engagement ring costs 3 months’ salary – whereas nowadays, the average price of a UK engagement ring is £1,471. Given that the average engagement ring is lower than the average monthly salary, a wedding ring certainly shouldn’t exceed that. Learn more about how much you should spend on engagement rings.


What is the average cost of wedding rings?

The average price of a wedding ring does not take into account budget or couples’ priorities.


Who buys the wedding rings?


There is no right answer to who buys the weddings rings - the choice is down to each individual couple. Traditionally, the groom buys the bride’s engagement ring and wedding ring. Compared to their engagement counterparts, society does not have such strict rules when it comes to who choose and wears a wedding band. 


The groom wearing a wedding ring is a relatively recent tradition. It wasn’t until the 20th Century that it became usual for men to wear wedding bands. In fact, some famously married men, such as Prince William, choose not to wear a ring at all. This means that the bride tends to be responsible for her husband’s ring. 


Of course, you and your spouse to be might decide to split the cost, or if your parents are paying for the wedding, they may even choose to pay for the rings. Who buys the wedding bands is completely up to you and your loved one. Ready to start looking for the perfect wedding ring for your future spouse? Get in touch for more help or come and visit us at our Jewellery Quarter Store. Alternatively, browse our full selection of wedding rings online now.