A Guide To Planning The Perfect New Year's Eve Proposal

With the New Year fast approaching, what better way to finish the year than to get engaged on New Year’s Eve? Starting off 2023 engaged to the person you love is the perfect way to begin a brand new year.

No engagement proposal is complete without a diamond engagement ring from Aspire Diamonds. We have engagement rings in a variety of different styles, shapes and metals. Our team will make sure that we find a ring that’s right for the proposal you’re planning.

If you are struggling with putting your New Year’s Eve proposal together, we have a guide to help you.

Discuss the topic of marriage prior to planning your proposal

Getting married is one of the most important decisions that you and your partner will ever make. Before you decide to pop the question, it’s worth having a conversation with your partner about whether marriage is in you or your partner’s plans.

Having an open conversation about marriage is essential before you ask the big question. From discussing career plans to finances and your dream wedding, discussing these topics can be crucial to whether your partner wants to get married or not.

If you jointly-agree to spend the rest of your lives together, you can go ahead with planning your New Year’s Eve proposal. 

Get friends and family involved

Planning a New Year’s Eve party? In terms of New Year’s Eve proposal ideas, getting your friends and family involved is a fantastic idea. 

It’s important that you don’t tell them all the details of your party, other than you have something that needs to be prioritised. Giving your guests this hint should give them an idea of what might happen on the night.

As the party goes on, wait for the right moment to pop the question. We recommend presenting your partner with a stunning Emerald 3 Stone Diamond Ring. This ring is by far one of the most beautiful emerald cut engagement rings we have in our collection.

Think about the time you want to propose to your partner

Timing is everything with popping the question on New Year’s Eve. While you may want to propose to your partner at the stroke of midnight, your proposal could be overshadowed by other stuff going on.

One way of counteracting this is to tell everyone ahead of time that you plan to propose to your partner. A few hours before midnight, drop down to one knee and present your partner with the ring. This will put all the attention right back on you and your partner.

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Choosing the right venue

The right venue can make or break your New Year’s Eve proposal. If you don’t want to propose in front of your friends and family members, then there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.

Whether it's your partner’s favourite restaurant, the place you first met or a venue that both of you have fond memories of, could be the perfect venue for a NYE proposal. When choosing the venue, you want to make sure it’s free of crowds. 

Your special moment together could be overshadowed by other stuff that’s going on with family members or friends in the way. By having it in a less crowded venue, it  means that you can create a proposal that you two will never forget.

Weave it into your New Year’s Resolution 

One low-key way of popping the question is to weave it into you and your partner’s New Year Resolutions discussion. 

After you’ve gone through the majority of the resolutions on your list, reveal one more resolution to your partner. At that moment, drop down to one knee and tell them that your last New Year’s Resolution is to spend the rest of your life with your soon-to-be married wife

Pop the question on New Year’s Eve with an engagement ring from Aspire Diamonds

Planning an engagement proposal can be both tricky and stressful as there is so much to consider. We hope this guide will help you with putting together the perfect New Year’s Eve proposal.

When it comes to picking an engagement ring for your New Year’s Eve proposal, Aspire Diamonds can help find a ring that your partner will love. Contact our expert team today and we will answer any engagement ring questions you may have.