Proposal ideas at home

Despite popular belief, proposals do not necessarily have to be a public display of affection. For many couples, a quiet proposal at home is far more intimate and just as exciting – without all the unnecessary fuss and attention. If you want to make a bold statement in the comfort of your own home, then read our helpful guide to find plenty of thoughtful proposal ideas. 

How to propose at home

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7 Home proposal ideas

1. Breakfast proposal

Nothing quite wakes a person up than getting proposed to! This simple idea is both exciting and endearing – to execute a breakfast proposal perfectly, you will need a breakfast tray, a bouquet of flowers, and your partners favourite breakfast foods. This part is crucial, as you don’t want to serve bacon and eggs to a pancake lover! Et, voila – you can start the day with your new fiancé.

2. Boardgame proposal

Who knew there would be so many ways to propose with a board game? You could opt for the classic Scrabble proposal, modify Pictionary for popping the question, or you could try a custom game card that is specifically made for proposing. Perhaps even a simple game of Charades would suffice!

3. Candlelit dinner

Making someone dinner is always a thoughtful gesture. Cooking your beau their favourite dinner alongside a delicious dessert is bound to work a charm. You could hide the engagement ring in the final course, or you could simply propose on one knee in the middle of the entrée! The best thing about proposing at home is that the perfect moment is up to you, you don’t have to abide by the formalities that come with dining out.

4. Pet proposal

If you both share a furry friend, then why not get them involved in popping the big question? You could pop the ring onto a custom collar, or you could purchase a jazzy outfit for your pet – and even have the words stitched on. If you want to add an element of surprise, then you can turn a regular dog walk into one to remember, by proposing in a special place on your walk.

5. Balloon room proposal

A room filled with balloons always has a certain wow factor! Proposing this way is very aesthetically pleasing, and you can even get custom helium balloons with the phrase ‘will you marry me?’ as a centrepiece to the room. With the engagement ring, you could make it fun and hide the box amongst the sea of balloons.

6. DIY spa

If you are looking for a more calming proposal experience, then why not bring the spa to your home? You can set the scene with a relaxing bubble bath, loads of candles and some face masks for good measure. You may even wish to try your hand at back massaging for that added spa feel. After all this relaxation, you most certainly will be in the perfect mood to propose, or be proposed to.

7. Gorgeous garden proposal

Gardens are often the most gorgeous part of the home, especially if you consider yourself to have green fingers. This idea is perfect for springtime – when the flower beds are in full bloom, and your garden has been neatly attended to with the change in weather. You could propose after a nice lunch in the garden, or you may wish to propose in the evening in front of a chimenea or fire pit. To make the evening garden proposal extra special, you can decorate your garden with added lights to create a cosy feel.

Now you’re equipped with some home proposal ideas, all that is missing is the ring! However, if home proposing is not your cup of tea, find more proposal ideas from our dedicated guide. If you need help finding the perfect engagement ring, then do not hesitate to contact our helpful team. Alternatively, you can pop into our showroom in the Jewellery quarter